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Thomas J. Bertone

Tom BertoneThomas J. Bertone is an internationally recognized consultant metallurgist, author, lecturer and expert in microstructure analysis as related to material processing. His experience provides a guiding information technology resource for many thermal processing and SEMA automotive component manufacturing companies in the United States and throughout the world.

Tom is a graduate of Don Bosco Technical Institute (Metallurgy Technology) and the University of Phoenix (B.S. Business Administration) and holds two lifetime State of Califonia Teaching Credentials in the field of Metallurgy and is a Certified Professional Consultant. He is a long standing member of the American Society of Metals, International and is a Founding Member of the ASM Heat Treating Society.

Tom has co-authored two metallurgy books, in addition to thousands of technical reports and published documents in the field of investigative metallurgy. He is a specialist in material failure analysis, product fabrication, corrosion control, composite materials, tool materials, fastener fabrication technology, forging and performance racing engine component manufacturing requirements.

Through diligence and investigative prowess, Tom has provided conclusive evidence and expert witness deposition and court testimony (Federal and Superior) in aircraft and fatal automotive accident and product liability investigations.

Curriculum Vitae

With more than 63 years in the field of metallurgy, Tom Bertone's resumé highlights his impressive experience and accomplishments.

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