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Applied Physical Metallurgy
Performance Vehicle

1932 Ford Victoria

This Project is 1932 Ford Victoria 2-Door Sedan, powered by a 528 cu in SVO Ford motor, using Roots-Supercharging and Electronic Fuel Injection. This project has been assembled using individual aftermarket high performance components, designed and developed in association with Metallurgy Professor Mr. Thomas J. Bertone.

This entire project represents evidence of outstanding applied physical metallurgy supporting product development. All critical engine and chassis components have originated from individual clients of Professor Bertone, who specialize in the automotive after-market component manufacturing and the racing industry.

1932 Ford Victoria

Each of these components were metallurgically analyzed and re-processed based on an in-depth properties-analysis to enhance individual physical properties of these components, used to withstand the stress, fatigue and impact loading of more than 1,000 horsepower and the equivalent torque, developed by this project.

This vehicle is scheduled for Final Analysis and further testing during the late fall of 2005. This "Vehicle" represents an on-going test-bed of physical properties, enhancing the development of and to support continued individual metallurgical-properties, provided by Tom Bertone Consulting, Inc.

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