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Sample Metallurgy Reports

Tom Bertone Consulting takes pride in creating quality reports with attention to detail. The following sample reports are actual TBC reports with sensitive information witheld to protect the privacy of our clients. Brief excerpts from the reports are provided here for your convenience; click the link to view the entire report in PDF format.

Metallurgical Analysis of Cracked 303 Stainless Steel

In the process of forming a crimp on ground 303 stainless steel, cracking was discovered. In order to determine what caused the cracking, samples of the metal at all stages of processing, from raw material to finished straightening and cutting, were submitted for metallurgical analysis. The objective was to determine what stage in processing caused this abnormality.

Read the full report... (File Size: 1.32 MB)

Stub Axle Failure Analysis

A fractured stub axle was received for metallurgical failure analysis. The stub axle is fairly new and has a somewhat smooth fracture, beginning in the radius where the flange transitions to the bell. The fracture extended from this surface/corner inward and terminates at the corner of the inside drill cut.

Read the full report... (File Size: 719 KB)

Failure Analysis of 420SS Brake Rotor

The fracture area of the rotor was photographed and a section of that fracture was prepared in accordance with standard ASTM procedures for microhardness and microstructure analysis. The microstructure was delineated with Kalling's etch for optical examination; it is a very fine normal appearing martensitic microstructure with no indications of overheating or grain growth.

Read the full report... (File Size: 1.41 MB)

Headlight Bulb Filament Analysis

The subject light bulbs removed from the defandant's vehicle (a 2003 Chevy 1500 pickup), were received from the defendant attorney's office with an attached letter and hand delivered to Tom Bertone Consulting, Inc. (TBC), for non-evasive macroscopic examination of the filaments and photo documentation.

Read the full report... (File Size: 879 KB)

Metallurgical Evaluation of a Broken Tow Truck Extendable Boom

An extendable boom on a tow truck fractured without forewarning directly behind the welded top plate and aft of the hydraulic lift rams. The truck was driven to the Tom Bertone Consulting laboratory in Whittier, CA., where the fractured boom was examined.

Read the full report... (File Size: 533 KB)

Metallurgical Analysis of Cracked Tool

A cracked finger section was discovered in a plastic injection mold tool and sent to Tom Bertone for metallurgical failure analysis. A large crack had developed at the base of one finger.

Read the full report... (File Size: 613 KB)

Metallurgical Analysis of Aircraft Seat Handle

An aircraft seat handle was foreged from 4130 bar stock in a normal manner, employing open are furnaces for the purpose of heating the metal to the proper forging temperature. In the process of heating and forging at high temperature, all metal surfaces are expected to lose alloying elements; called "dealloying".

Read the full report... (File Size: 608 KB)

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