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Pricing Information

For emergency services, Professor Bertone may be contacted for consultation by phone at (512) 337-7070. For phone consultation appointments, on location consulting appointments, and service via email please complete the contact form.

Consultation fees apply to all forms of communication, including telephone and email. Service contracts available upon request. Prices subject to change.

General Services

Hourly Rate - $250

  • Metallurgical Consulting & Failure Analysis
    • Including: visits to client facility, plus travel expenses
    • Verbal/FAX of preliminary test results
    • Preliminary visual examination of subject and Protocol development
  • Engineering Support
    • Legal Deposition / Expert Witness Testimony
    • Specification Writing and Procedures Review
  • Report Preparation
    • Engineering analysis and technical report


Hourly Rate + additional charges as outlined

  • $225 (per SEM hour) Scanning Electron Microscope Fractography / EDX X-Ray
  • $15 (per photo) Photographic Documentation


  • $175 (per mount) Microstructure Analysis / Interpretation Including Microstructure Identification / Analysis of Heat Treat Condition / Grain Size, Flow and Inclusion Content / Microstructure Anomalies. All metallographic sample preparation per ASTM procedures: Mounting, grinding, polishing and selective etching for constituent identification.
  • $400 (per mount) Report Letter with Microstructure Optical Photograph

Microhardness Testing: Knoop

$125 Minimum (per sample)

  • Microhardness Traverse for Case Depth
  • Carburizing and/or Nitriding Case Hardness incremental hardness traverse to measure profile: Effective Case Depth (ECD) & Total Case Depth (TCD).
  • Microstructure Interpretation with Certified Test Report included

Chemical Analysis: (Alloy Identification)

$85 - $145 (per sample)



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